Career Description Language

Career Description Language Compiler

An implementation of the Career Description Language (CDL) version 1 schema that generates both resumes and CVs. Full documentation of the schema can be found here.

Build/Installation Instructions

  1. Get a Common Lisp compiler (these instructions assume SBCL, but in principle any other implementation should work).
  2. Get a copy of the source code.
  3. Run sbcl --eval '(require "asdf")' --eval '(asdf:load-asd "/absolute/path/to/the/cdlc.asd")' --eval '(asdf:make "cdlc")' --quit (replacing /absolute/path/to/the/cdlc.asd with the actual absolute path). This should produce a cdlc executable.
  4. Move the cdlc executable into some directory on your PATH (eg. /usr/locl/bin on *nix operating systems).

Usage Instructions

A generic invocation of cdlc will take one of the following forms:

$ cdlc [--backend BACKEND] [--check] [--name NAME] FILE
$ cdlc --help
$ cdlc --sample
$ cdlc --schema
$ cdlc --version

The first form compiles FILE, --backend, --check and --name flags are optional.

The latter four forms print out some form of documentation and immediately exit. Most interesting is the --sample flag which outputs a valid CDL file (that makes use of each directive at least once) to STDOUT.


See the LICENSE file.